March 11, , I’ve been practicing on targets for a while but not yet had the opportunity to really stretch the range. Whilst not the best optics in the world they seem to serve me well enough. The thing I really like about Hawke optics is the ballistic software that is compatible with the reticle. I have mapped my scope based on the manufacturer’s stated FPS for Hornady V-Max 17 grain bullets and along with completing the other fields this has left me with a calibrated reticle: Until I have an adequate chrono I can’t test the manufacturer’s stated FPS but I imagine there will be differences between batches so this may not be entirely practical. So my question is, how do you guys map your reticles if indeed you do! Equipped with a laser rangefinder I hope to refine my shooting and once I’m settled with the Annie have a go at taking some long range crows on the upland farms where I have permission I’ve uploaded a few videos to YouTube if any of you are interested. Nothing too serious at the moment, just getting to know the rifle and this new calibre! I hope to record some vermin control with a scope mounted camera when I get the chance www.

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Mar 28,  · It’s an HW77k dating from according to the serial number and the Weihrauch database. Generally it’s in reasonable nick considering it’s 30yrs old. The lacquered beech stock has numerous light scratches and dings, but nothing too serious (tbh the images flatter it somewhat).

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Weihrauch Breech Seal HW77/97

The HW 35e compared to the HW 50s? For those who have no need to impress anyone The best reason to own an HW35E I lust for this air rifle. Made of walnut and steel

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A scope only Karbine air rifle. Fixed barrel precision, with underlever action and sliding breech. The rifles specification includes: Clean barrel with fixed silencer, Rekord two-stage trigger assembly with automatic cross bolt safety, anti-bear trap assembly. Beechwood stock with walnut finish, rubber recoil pad, raised cheekpiece and extended fore-end.

The best underlever in the field. The rifle has a full specification: A choice of two barrel lengths for hunting and target. Removable front sight, fully adjustable rear sight assembly for eye relief, windage and elevation, with quad rear aperture setting. Rekord two-stage trigger assembly with automatic cross bolt safety. Beechwood stock with walnut finish, rubber recoil pad and extended fore-end.

It all started with the HW HW57 A unique lightweight, easy cocking, underlever action with self opening loading port.

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Andrea Ruggieri I had the pleasure of trying all Titan models from number 1 to number 14, and I have to say that they are extremely high quality, powerful and above all performance and very long-lived. Sorry for my english, but I hope that I did understand it anyway. By Andrea from Catania, Italy 1 of 1 people found this review useful: Jan Milani The springs are very powerful,and durable.

Our Gunsmith will not compromise on the quality of replacement springs, and tuning kits. A quality spring, 14th Oct Reviewer:

A full power HW77K is ideal for all forms of pest control, ie rabbits, squirrel, rats etc. The effective range is down to the ability of the person using the rifle. getting your pellets into a tight group at the distance you intend to shoot quarry at is the most important thing and limiting your shots to .

I have been very satisfied with the many purchases I have made. Charles I am writing to give feedback on the order that was just delivered. I had never bought anything from you all before, but when I called with some questions–your expert salesman was very helpful–so I decided to go with AOA rather than another supplier that I had used for years. I wanted to let you know that the way you handled my order and prepared everything for shipping has earned you a lifelong customer.

All I can say, that you exceeded my expectations. I was trying to put my finger on what made me so pleased with your service. And the best way that I can summarize it that the AOA touch demonstrated respect for the quality items which you had carefully assembled for me. And I liked that very much. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your quality approach. AOA crew is owed my respect and appreciation for the highly professional manner with which they handled my recent online transaction with them.

These guys went WAY beyond the call of duty to make it one of most rewarding and pleasant airgun buy ever! Knowledgeable, honest and courteous. You’ve got to check them out. I absolutely recommend them to any airgun enthusiast out there.

Under Lever .177 Air Rifles for Sale

I still have this old springer but it needs some work done on it to get it shoot with anything resembling power. However, it sowed another seed for my air gun collection and gave me the confidence to strip down my HW77K springer. A very nice single stroke pneumatic SSP I’d recommend to anyone first starting out with air pistol plinking and target shooting.

A recoiless single shot pistol charged by breaking open the top of the pistol and opening it out fully and pushing back in to position for one high pressure charge of air. It has a remarkably good, crisp, predictable and adjustable trigger, certainly enough for basic target shooting.

The Weihrauch HW77 Air Rifle is the latest break barrel air rifle in the Weihrauch air rifle range. These exciting fixed barrel rifles with underlever cocking action are undoubtedly the ultimate in high power sporting rifles and provide maximum power and accuracy.

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Comments Prior to the landmark release of their first PCP the HW Weihrauch were best known in the UK for their springer sporters; rugged, reliable and time tested top performing air rifles. If it had a downside it would be that Weihrauch stayed true to their usual design routine and the action sat in a practical yet not very visually exciting sporter stock. The HW97KT has a rather unusual but very comfortable butt section, in the fact that the top starts as a hogs-back design but then morphs into a relatively high, thickset, ambidextrous cheek piece ending at the shoulder with a fully adjustable butt pad.

Aug 04,  · Weihrauch and Beeman serial numbers, Air guns, Airgun Forum.

Highest quality Grade 1 Swedish silicone chrome vanadium steel. Each Titan spring is individually hand wound to an exact specification and only then is it heat treated and tempered. During the final tempering a specially formulated hard but flexible finish is applied to the spring to ensure ultimate performance with max durability. Almost friction free operation helps to reduce dieseling and maintains maximum power longer than most other springs.

Genuine Titan product from an authorised stockist. Please test your airgun after installation to ensure you remain below the power limit – sold as a single item Compatibility list: Khamsin Original – Mod. You must log in to view questions and answers on this listing. We recommend reading questions before you make any purchases. Comment submitted You must log in to ask or answer questions posted.

Weihrauch HW77 Air Rifle

My best effort goes like this. A long time ago, one of my shooting buddies was a research engineer who did work for Air Arms. At that time, most serious airgunners were being blown away by the Weihrauch HW77K, an incredible rifle that had rewritten the rules of what a spring-piston air rifle could do. Springers were where it was at.

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I say this due to the fact that the HW77 or its carbine K derivative at one time was for many shooters the rifle to aspire to. It was this thought that had me request a rifle for review from official importers Hull Cartridge Co. Talking of expectations, I went into this test knowing at one time this was the rifle to beat in the FT springer discipline. The mid-brown stain beech stock has a medium height cheekpiece and a relatively lengthy chunky forend with a well rounded underside.

The full brown rubber butt pad is similarly cosmetically separated from the wood by a white line spacer. These consist of a large raised foresight post to line up in a notch in the removable adjustable rearsight.

Carabine à plombs 4,5 Weihrauch HW77 cal. 4.5mm – 20 joules

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The List. Newest Entry: (HW35 ) Added on Displaying entries = Newest entry = Personally owned = Estimated by computer = Confirmed by Weihrauch = URL opens in new window = Unlikely year/date of purchase = Unapproved / unconfirmed entry = .

Shipping General delivery information available from the auctioneer We understand it is not always possible to attend a sale or collect your winning lots in person so Mitchells offers a postage and packing service using Parcel Force, Royal Mail Special Delivery or Cumbria Xpress for larger items. The following informative notes are intended to assist Buyers, particularly those inexperienced or new to our salerooms.

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This is a full tuning wich i made on a weihrauch Disassembly, polishing the metal parts. Handmade spring guide and a top hat. Handmade ecopur custom seal, greasing with the right lubrications and finally assembling. I really need to thank my friend Tasos for filming, editing and the great passion he has.

Aug 19,  · I know a few people collect these as they are a very useful dating resource. Hans Weihrauch has just got back to me on my enquiry. Here’s the info I have, including my one, and others I’ve found from searching this BBS.

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Rabbit Hunting 7: Air Rifle Vermin Control with Weihrauch HW100 and MTC Mamba