By Kate Miller-Wilson Antique Collector If you’ve inherited or purchased some pieces of antique china, it helps to know the process for learning more about your treasures. Often, the piece holds many clues, and understanding how to read these can help you identify the pattern. From that, you can get a sense of your china’s value and history. Figure Out the Type of China Before you can identify the pattern, you need to figure out what kind of china you have. Because porcelain production originated in China , Europeans and Americans used the term “china” to describe any fine porcelain piece. However, there are actually several different kinds of china, each of which uses a specific production process. Since many manufacturers specialized in a single type of china, this can help narrow down the possibilities for your china pattern. Three Types of Porcelain According to Collector’s Weekly , there are three main types of porcelain, all of which are commonly called “china: There, factories like Spode and Royal Worcester, used bone china to make tea sets , vases, dinnerware, and other items. As the name implies, bone china involves the addition of bone ash to a mixture of finely ground stone and clay.

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Field Sports Pattern Epsom plate, border detail, c Field Sports pattern was first introduced in about The pattern continued to be made when the name of the company changed to Copeland in under the sole ownership of William Taylor Copeland. The pattern, which was printed from a hand engraved copper plate, featured a border of wild flowers with varying centres which were engraved for different sizes and shaped pieces.

Shelley Study – Backstamps This page shows many of the known backstamps which were used by the Wileman family potteries, Wileman & Company and Shelley potteries. The main exceptions being those used by James F. Wileman for named patterns each with a specific backstamp.

Antique Welmar China Local Antique Stores Because seeing the tea set in person allows you to assess its condition and completeness, shopping locally is always a good idea. Check out the selection at local antique stores, and if you’re looking for something specific, leave your name and number with the store. They can call you if your dream set comes in.

Online Antique Stores Online antique stores have some of the best selection you’ll find, especially of hard-to-find sets. You can even search for specific manufacturers or patterns. Try one of these popular stores:

Identify Antique China Patterns

Please email kcurry chinafinders. This is most helpful in confirming the details of your request. In most but not all cases, the lack of a definitive pattern name will make the search for your missing china very difficult. We will respond immediately with a current stock sheet where your requested stock is available. Where we do NOT have your requested items in stock we will only reply at a later time when stock becomes available. We currently don’t have a facility to email a stock sheet to you but we can readily fax or post a stock sheet to you.

In Percy Shelley visited the Chicago Exhibition and thereafter the Foley China company began producing designs for sale in North America and Canada. Under Percy Shelley, the late 19th Century was a creative time for Wileman & Co. Frederick Rhead was recruited in

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Identify Antique China Patterns

In addition, earlier Wileman and the forerunners to Wileman employed numerous other backstamps. For further information, you are encouraged to visit either the Australian site at www. Backstamps typically indicated the method of decoration see glossary for definitions and additional information. After , earthenware was labeled with Shelley backstamps. Diamond Mark Registration The earliest backstamps use the diamond mark registration system.

Shelley England printed black backstamp, c Shelley Walter Slater signed mark – Walter Slater was the Art Director of Shelley from , before handing over to his son Eric Slater, designer of the very successful Queen Anne, Vogue and Mode shapes, among others.

Many English companies have produced fine bone china since , and one of the keys to identification is the word “Royal” as part of the company name. Royal Albert’s “Old Country Roses” is on Harry Rinker’s “Top Patterns of the 20th Century” list and has been a popular and collectible bone china pattern that has held its value for several years. Your fine bone china may be even more valuable.

Fine bone china is translucent porcelain, usually English. Step 1 Look carefully at the fine bone china; check the condition with a magnifying glass. Check for chips or cracks, but also look for losses. If there is gold on the rim or handle, check for wear to the gold. Hold flat pieces like saucers and plates horizontally at eye level. Look across the flat surface to check for scratches. Step 2 Identify the maker and pattern name.

Whether antique or modern, most fine bone china production comes from England, although Harry Rinker reports in “Dinnerware of the 20th Century:

“shelley” in Arts & Collectibles in Ontario

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Dating a complicated matter if you should be aware of representation in register, and marriage in 21st century china. Archives and other for dating a % dating websites for over 40 of more than 1, National shelley joins james wileman backstamps.

The Later Years as an identification aid for collectors. Few Seconds ware patterns have been pictured in the numerous books written about Shelley, yet the patterns are lovely and worthwhile for the collector. White ware was produced when the pottery had been fired once biscuit ware , dipped in glaze and refired. It was at this point that the fault was found during inspection and the ware was stored until the decision to use it was taken.

There could be a glaze blob on the piece, where the glaze had not run properly , a glaze nip, usually on a foot of a cup where a small piece of glaze has stuck, or pinholes in the glaze. Anything with a crack or chip would have been thrown out.

Identify Antique China Patterns

D Mougin, stamp for J. D Mougin The portico clock with a drum head and an enamel dial with Arabic numerals, pairs of columns trimmed with cast festoons and surmounted by an urn and side finials with bursting fruits and flowers, raised on a shaped base and petite toupie feet, with key and sunburst finial; with conforming side vases Height: Marti et Cie, dial with mark of Maison Vernet, 42 Rue de Bac to the dial A rectangular clock with an enamel dial, Roman numerals and Arabic minute markings, surmounted by a swagged urn and flanked by fluted demi-lune pillars with pine cone finials, raised on a shaped rectangular base, with bead and applied foliate details, key and pendulum Height: H, Cluses An oval shaped clock with a moulded case emulating drapery, rope twist tassels flanked by cornucopias issuing flora as a crest, with enamel dial with Arabic numerals and supported on an oval octagonal base, with key and pendulum Height: Marti With a floral decorated enamel dial with Arabic numerals set within a fine tooled gilt bezel, pairs of pillars with turned capitals and bases, with a shaped top surmounted by a roaring lion and a conforming stepped base; with key and sunburst pendulum Height: Mourey to case, with key and pendulum.

Shelley and Wileman Backstamps. The study of backstamps is a science in and of itself, and only the brave have dared to venture into this impenetrable thicket of. On this page we’ve listed backstamp dating guides for many brands we deal in.

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