Militias existed in Khwarezmia’s major cities but were of poor quality, and the Shah had trouble mustering them in time. Initial invasion[ edit ] Though they technically bordered each other, the Mongol and Khwarezm Empires touched far away from the homeland of each nation. In between them was a series of treacherous mountain ranges that the invader would have to cross. This aspect is often overlooked in this campaign, yet it was a critical reason why the Mongols were able to create a dominating position. The Khwarezm Shah and his advisers assumed that the Mongols would invade through the Dzungarian Gate , the natural mountain pass in between their now conquered Khara-Khitai and Khwarezm Empires. One option for the Khwarezm defense was to advance beyond the towns of the Syr Darya and block the Dzungarian Gate with an army, since it would take Genghis many months to gather his army in Mongolia and advance through the pass after winter had passed. The Khwarezm decision makers believed they would have time to further refine their strategy, but the Khan had struck first. This smaller detachment, no more than 20—30, men, was led by Genghis’s son Jochi and his elite general Jebe. Though the Mongols suffered losses and were exhausted from the crossing, their presence in the Ferghana Valley stunned the Khwarezm leadership and permanently stole the initiative away.

10 Top Tips for Motorhome Travel in Europe

History Depends on lots of things – need more data, but I can offer this. Sounds like you have your shore line plugged into the v mains and you’re expecting your lead acid house battery caravan battery to be charged by that. Also, you’re thinking the engine battery should also be charged. Neither of these are necessarily the case. In my own rig – a Winnebago Via model R – there is a 2-stage built-in battery charger that will charge the “house” caravan batteries when you’re plugged into the mains V here in the US.

Are you still getting 12V DC to other devices in the rig?

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Heavy-duty sling type boom tow truck Towing a wrecked truck Towing of cars and trucks is a unique form, with an industry dedicated to it. Specialized “tow truck” vehicle types are most often used. Some of these are flatbed, with hydraulic tilting beds and winches and dollies to position the car behind the bed and pull it up onto the bed. Others have a specialized boom hitch instead of a flatbed, which will lift one end of the car and allow it to ride on its remaining tires; they otherwise have similar equipment to the flatbeds and position and perform much like them.

In other cases, a specialized vehicle dolly can be attached to a standard vehicle hitch; for example, some moving vehicle rental companies, such as U-Haul, will rent these dollies for one-way transport of cars. Larger versions, with a long, weighted body and heavier duty engines, transmissions, and tow hooks, may be used for towing of disabled buses, truck tractors, or large trucks. The artificial sizing and weighting must be designed to withstand the greater weight of the towed vehicle, which might otherwise tip the tow truck back.

20 amazing British campsites beside the sea

It can also be used as a regular share a ride site, but preferably for travelers. Based on demand I may eventually add more cities to each country I just didn’t want the dropdown list to be too long, and it will require restructuring the form , and I can expand this database to other continents if there is interest. I will try to expand to North America in the near future.

A Warm Welcome Awaits Your Arrival Hidden Valley is a serene haven of relaxation. Set in a beautiful valley with sites overlooking the tranquil waters of the Avonmore River and a glassy, private lake, we offer the opportunity to experience a holiday amid an abundance of wildlife including kingfishers, cranes, wild geese, ducks, otters and pheasant.

If TV, radio and internet are part of your must-have list, take them on holiday with you. When it comes to actually fitting the equipment in your caravan, you can choose to employ a specialist caravan or motorhome engineer to install the system or buy one which you can do yourself. The best option will depend on how confident you feel about being able to do the job to a high standard without professional help.

Whether you fit the dish yourself or not, remember that you are likely to have to alter it slightly each holiday to pick up the best signal in your current pitch. TV viewing systems for caravans External satellite dish or freeview box which streams live TV into your caravan Pre-recorded programmes on your laptop, which you can connect to your TV using an appropriate cable Netflix, Lovefilm or other streaming service where the Wi-Fi connection on-site is strong enough to use these services DVD player Laptop or computer Many programs can be downloaded prior to your holiday and then watched at your convenience.

This is ideal for catching up on series you might have missed and means you can use the generally faster broadband connection at home before leaving. Be aware though that most channels only allow you to download programs for a set period of time. Another option for watching television on your laptop or tablet computer may be to purchase a USB TV tuner. Please note that this is not an option for the iPad one, as it does not have USB ports, also several of the models on the market are not supported by Apple software.

As the aerial inside the USB stick is very small, it may be necessary to purchase an additional external aerial to boost the signal received.

Rockin’ and Rollin’ with Jesse Damon and Electric Caravan

Warden Couple Park Name: Long Meadow Campsite is perfectly located within the heart of the New Forest, yet within walking distance to the shops, pubs and restaurants of the quaint village of Brockenhurst, where ponies and donkeys still roam the streets. A short drive away and Lyndhurst, the capital of the forest has many more facilities, while the beaches of the Solent are also nearby.

Based at New Park, a acre estate, Longmeadow Campsite is a small, friendly and relaxed campsite.

Norfolk – Garden Caravan Site, caravan park set in the lovely walled garden of the old Barmer Hall, close to the North Norfolk coast.

Luxury static caravan two bedrooms double glazed gas central heating and balcony Our Park has all the facilities and conveniences expected by today’s campers – electric hook-up, coin-operated laundry room, shower and Fortrose Caravan Park Fortrose Tel: The site is located on the shores of the Black Isle, overlooking the Moray Firth. Near to Chanonry Point, which is considered one of the best places in Europe to view bottlenose dolphins. Sands Caravan and Camping Gairloch Tel: It is an ideal location for families of all ages where you can enjoy a very active holiday or relax taking in the stunning views of the isle of Skye and the outer isles.

Set in a peaceful, scenic, rural location but just a few miles from the main A9 trunk road and convenient for many amenities and attractions. An ideal base for touring the area.

10 Top Tips for Motorhome Travel in Europe

How to Construct a Caravan – Final Beautification I will certainly need to update this page further, as the pictures below are not of great quality and I am still in the process of beautification. I guess the main problem is that I ran out of money and therefore could not invest into all the toys I wanted to. Will have to take another picture, as this one is fuzzy, but this is one of my latest additions: I basically took left over corner wood strips which I bought to cover up corners, and glued them together so that they would fit snuggly in an inset in my “stand up closet”.

When I cook, I simply remove it from its inset and have it standing next to me.

Hi Andrew The CEE 16A plug is the only socket used for caravan hook up in the UK, so you won’t need any adaptors. To research sites, the best way would be via the two main UK clubs.

Set in a beautiful valley with sites overlooking the tranquil waters of the Avonmore River and a glassy, private lake, we offer the opportunity to experience a holiday amid an abundance of wildlife including kingfishers, cranes, wild geese, ducks, otters and pheasant. We are easily accessible from Dublin, Dun Laoghaire and Rosslare ferry ports. Advance booking is essential for weekends, high season and bank holidays. Full contact details with deposit are required at time of booking: We are a family, friendly site and we do not tolerate late night disturbances.

Check-in available from 12 noon and checkout is by 12 noon on day of departure. We regret to inform you that campfires are no longer allowed at Hidden Valley. This past season we noticed far too often the number of people being negligent in regards to fire safety. The park offers both hard-standing and grass sites, each with electric, water and grey waste.

Please turn JavaScript on and reload the page.

Electric Caravan is a superb power trio ready to rock your world like no other, providing an adventure in sound that will have you singing along in no time at all. At the conclusion their remarkable performance at Saint Rocke, we caught up with Jesse Damon, Chris Tanori, and Kurt Markham backstage to find out a whole lot more about the magic and intrigue that is Electric Caravan. Read on… Introduce yourself and tell me what you do in Electric Caravan. I am Jesse Damon, I am the lead vocalist, lead guitarist.

Richard is born. Considering this album was originally released in , it still sounds astonishingly fresh. The title track was a surprise hit single at the time, but it is .

Know Your Width Our motorhome is 2. Looking at the right hand tape, it should align with the line at the edge of the road. The way around all of this? Get a refillable LPG system installed, or fit it yourself like we did , and refill the bottles at thousands of LPG stations across Europe. Even those off-gridders who never use campsite and never hook their van up to mains electricity often want access to the web. As of the time of writing, the easiest way by far, and not that much more expensive than other less convenient options, is to get yourself some 3 Feel at Home SIMs , and a MiFi.

Park Like an Airplane Parking a massive white box is a pain in the butt. No shouting — with the engine running no-one can hear anything. No teeny weeny movements of the hands — get your entire arms in action. Plan for Thieves There are baddies out there. Far, far fewer than the media or forum trolls would have you believe, but thieves are a fact of life. So we use secure parking in cities, have a deadlock fitted to the door Zagan only has one door, which helps with security too and we have an alarm which came with the van.

If the van does disappear, we carry our passports, credit cards, some cash, a laptop back-up which has scanned passports, insurance details and other paperwork and phone with emergency contact details with us.

10 Top Tips for Motorhome Travel in Europe

Dear Vacation Traveler Welcome to a great vacation at an affordable price. Our vacation packages are polished, complete and fun! Discover for yourself why smart shoppers and experienced travelers have chosen Caravan Tours since How does Caravan Tours sell these tours for such a low cost?

The rules about towing a caravan (or trailer) can be technical, but the principles are simple if you want to stay safe and lawful. This is how to tow a caravan.

Bryher Campsite, Isles of Scilly Bryher Campsite enjoys lovely salty views of Hangman Island and Tresco, but its situation between two hills means it’s relatively sheltered. During the summer Bryher can, in the right weather, feel like an other-worldly paradise, with a glorious sandy beach at Green Bay and a quieter cove at Rushy Bay for swimming.

Facilities include lavatories and basins, with coin-operated showers, hair dryers, washing machines and tumble dryers. Bryher can, in the right weather, feel like an other-worldly paradise Where to eat: Treen Farm Campsite, Penzance Just three miles from Land’s End, Treen is also a short walk or drive away from some of Cornwall’s best beaches, including the isolated sands of Pedn Vounder. Sennen is a minute drive away, and Whitesands Bay is one of the best places to surf.

The site sits in a field back from the cliff top, so it’s not too exposed, even in inclement weather. Local attractions include Porthcurno Telegraph Museum for wet days, or the dramatic Minack Theatre, an open-air auditorium cut into the rocks. Facilities include showers, lavatories, laundry and washing-up area.

No pre-bookings are taken. The Minack Theatre Credit: There is an on-site shop selling local meat, vegetables and bread, along with beach goods and camping gas.

The best beautiful campsite locations in Europe