Ah, it’s nothing a lawsuit won’t cure. Hey, I got a busted ass here, I don’t see anyone kissing it! Bender, I thought you were supposed to be cooking for this party. Fine, we’ll have rack of Nibbler! Just make a simple cake, and this time if someone’s going to jump out of it, make sure you put them in after you cook it. And so we say goodbye to our beloved pet, Nibbler, who’s gone to a place where I, too, hope one day to go.

Leela Turanga

Standard Futurama was an amazing show that allowed the writers complete freedom to describe whatever they thought might be developed in the future, and one type of technology that the writers kept putting in were adaptations of virtual reality gear. This list dives into the references found in within the adventures of the Planet Express crew. Two antennas stick out of the side of the headset most likely acting as a wireless communication interface that probably connects to a server somewhere else.

Wires extend from the top, attaching to the device itself.

Futurama is an American animated science fiction sitcom created by Matt Groening and developed by Groening and David X. Cohen for the Fox Broadcasting series follows the adventures of a lateth-century New York City pizza delivery boy, Philip J. Fry, who, after being unwittingly cryogenically frozen for one thousand years, finds employment at Planet Express, an interplanetary.

Can be watched till the end of time.. Now when I was watching The Simpsons one idea was that why we can’t see this guy more, why he is only behind a widely known TV series while poking some other people. But with Futurama I say he is OK, was unleashed. Futurama deals with moron pizza delivery boy Fry being accidentally frozen and wake up years after into a whole new world. Strangely this is not the story of the Fry’s adaptation, because he is not.

He is still the same stupid guy back in 20th century..

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Lero Michaelides of Divided Rainbow. In Origin Story , when Louise finds out about Alex’s super-human strength, her only reaction is “Oh, you must be a mutant, like I am! In Hancock , Ray is a pretty understanding husband when he finds out Mary is not only the same kind of Flying Brick that Hancock is, but was also his wife. This is only in fiction:

The fact that Leela knows and likes the song gets an amazing Call-Back 6 seasons later as the crew goes fishing. Leela owns and knows how to use her own harpoon. She may have dreamed about becoming a “whaler on the moon” at some point.

The show could treat them the way it has treated Cubert and Ben Isn’t that what all responsible parents do, especially during happy hour and cocktail parties? I would love to see them get married. At the very least, I’d like to see them co-habitating. And Leela having taken on some of Fry’s traits, and vice versa. Leela lazing around in her skivvies oh, I’m sure many fans would be happy with that and Fry yelling at Leela to do something productive already.

I guess most fans do indeed expect Fry and Leela to get married one day. Some just consider it a “post-series” part of their lives, shaking up established character constellations, and therefore not to be explored in the show.


The Honking When Bender inherits a spooky castle from his deceased uncle, he finds himself being pursued by a terrifying, driverless car. War is the H-Word Fry and Bender face off against an army of aliens on a distant planet after they join the Earth army. The Cryonic Woman Fry’s ex-girlfriend from unthaws in the year , but when she doesn’t fit in, she and Fry journey another thousand years into the future. Parasites Lost A miniature version of the Planet Express crew attempts to rid Fry’s body of parasitic worms; meanwhile, Leela finds Fry’s new personality irresistible.

Prepare to be transported to the year for the return of Fry, Bender, Leela and the usual cast of twelve-dimensional space monsters. Back by popular demand, Matt Groening and David X. Cohen’s brilliantly subversive animated sci-fi comedy Futurama debuts its ninth season.

But has she made the right choice? Eventually will be Dipcifica, but they’ll be taking it slow. Rated T for abuse and frightening situations Gravity Falls – Rated: Speedy won a bet, Raven’s parading around in a questionable get-up and Robin’s just Teen Titans – Rated: T – English – Humor – Chapters: Gravity Falls – Rated: A story of the uneven after, new friends, new family, and the promise of another summer.

Gradual Dipcifica, Mystery Twins bonding, family ties, and the Power of Friendship — anthyding can hadplen! Now with new summer scenes epilogues. Justice League – Rated:

Why All ‘Futurama’ Fans Loved Philip J. Fry

Professor Farnsworth joins a gang of street-racing punks. Episode 2 Fry and Leela’s Big Fling Bender gains the ability to self-replicate, threatening to overrun Earth with vast swarms of copies of himself. Episode 3 When Bender dies, his disembodied software begins haunting the Planet Express building.

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The Juicy Details 1 by erdrik Note: The Happy Little Elf’s. May they stay in my head forever. Co-Produced by Death, The life of the Party! The Dojo is small, but it serves its purpose. Not traditional in any sense, its walls are a hard composite steel, and a nylon mat lay on the floor. A hefty looking person walks onto the mat, and holds his hands together in front of him.

He wear’s a jet black kimono, and stands perfectly still. Leela steps onto the mat wearing a white kimono, and immediately stands in a defensive posture. Her opponent moves into an offensive posture and slowly edges forward. Leela slowly circles left and moves her right hand up preparing for the attack. Her opponent rushes forward suddenly bringing his arm up and around towards her head. She ducks down gracefully and swings her leg forward, inches above the mat.

Her leg strikes her opponent’s and he quickly falls onto his back.

“Fantastic Voyage” Plot

His first major appearance in the series was in the episode ” When Aliens Attack “. Omicronian young were briefly a fast-food menu item on Earth known as Popplers. This practice ended after Lrrr and Ndnd came to Earth and demanded they be allowed to eat the Earthlings as payback. Lrrr’s character has been described as “ridiculous” by Zack Handlen of The A. Club [8] whereas Sean Gandert of Paste describes the character as a ” stock character “.

In September, , Standard Issue launched as a smart and witty online magazine for women by women, covering everything that interests women – ie celebrity tittle tattle, no photoshopping, no calorie counting, no cellulite circling. Just honest, good, interesting and funny writing from a bunch of cracking broads.

However, Fry soon feels things are moving too fast, and plans to break up with Amy during their picnic on Europa. Things get complicated when Dr. Zoidberg crashes their car during the date, severing Fry’s head. Fry must spend the next few days with his head transplanted onto Amy’s shoulder while Dr. Zoidberg fixes his body. Meanwhile, Bender uses the upcoming holiday to get rich quick by starting a blind dating service after getting fined for breaking anti-pimping laws.

Can’t Live Without You: After Fry is critically injured in a car crash, his head is attached to Amy’s body to make sure he survives until his body is healed. Thanks for rescuing me last night. I actually enjoyed hanging out with you. Yep, everything worked out great thanks to good old Bender. It’s not like you intentionally set us up with bad dates so we’d spend Valentine’s Day together.

You just rounded up a bunch of stiffs at the bus station and pocketed all our money.

Relationship Upgrade

Memoirs of the Stripper [v 0. She just started to work as a stripper and enjoys it a lot. She’s just 22 and she’s perfect for striptease, because she likes dancing, fitness and traveling. This easy money will give her options to live crazy life and forget about money problems. This short arcade sex game will try to show the idea of the game, only in a much more animated way with boobs and dicks.

So you are a freak of nature, a witch, a Super Hero, or a Chosen are loaded with supernatural powers, and between going to work or school you have some world saving duties to attend to that need to be kept secret. And on top of that, you also need to balance it out with a love life!

Season 1 Space Pilot"Space. It seems to go on and on forever. But then you get to the end and a gorilla starts throwin’ barrels at you. Fry, discovering he’s in the future: My God, it’s the future. My parents, my coworkers, my girlfriend, I’ll never see any of them again! Fry and Bender’s encounter at the suicide booth:

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His first major appearance in the series was in the episode ” When Aliens Attack". Omicronian young were briefly a fast-food menu item on Earth known as Popplers. This practice ended after Lrrr and Ndnd came to Earth and demanded they be allowed to eat the Earthlings as payback. Lrrr’s character has been described as"ridiculous” by Zack Handlen of The A. Club [8] whereas Sean Gandert of Paste describes the character as a ” stock character “.

While delivering pizza on New Year’s Eve , Philip J. Fry, is accidentally cryonically frozen and thawed out one thousand years into the future.

Production[ edit[ edit ]bruary , Futurama co-creator Matt Groening addressed speculation as to whether Futurama had been revived in episodic or feature film form, explaining that the crew is “writing them as movies and then we’re going to chop them up, reconfigure them, write new material and try to make them work as separate episodes”. The same will be done with the succeeding three movies, creating a sixteen-episode fifth season. Music[ edit[ edit ]dition to background musical scoring for the movie, Christopher Tyng provided two original “movie musical” style songs for the characters to sing in context in Bender’s Big Score.

The song “I May As Well Jump” also referred to as “Street Song” exposited the dissatisfaction of most of the characters with the ways their lives were progressing at that point in the plotline, except for Lars and Leela, who were contrastingly delighted to announce their happiness and their upcoming marriage. After being aired in four separate episodes, the next three movies were aired, with each of them being broken up into four episodes; creating a fifth season comprising 16 episodes overall.

In the broadcast premiere, the extended opening from the film is placed before the scene where Hermes is decapitated as opposed to after it.

Futrurama – Leela and Amy fight over Fry