This blog contains details about the last ever episode of Dexter. When it was announced that Dexter’s eighth season would be its last, the news was not entirely unwelcome. The show had never fully recovered from the devastation wreaked by season four’s main villain the Trinity Killer John Lithgow , and this final run has played out that inferiority, being patchy, unfocused and, at times, sloppy. Yet for all its flaws, I stuck with it, and hoped the series finale, at least, would be worth the wait. It all fell apart completely in the last few minutes, with Dexter making two boneheaded, un-Dexter-like decisions that wearily knocked the final nails into the coffin that season eight built. Our protagonist sailed his boat, Slice of Life, into a hurricane, and was pronounced missing, presumed dead. His fugitive girlfriend Hannah choked back the tears in a cafe in Argentina and took Dexter’s ever-irritating son Harrison for ice-cream, presumably to soften the blow of his daddy’s watery death. But Dexter wasn’t dead, after all! He swam like a greased porpoise away from a deadly hurricane and ended up in Oregon, where presumably he will live out his days chopping down trees and tending his awful beard.

Do Dexter and Deb hook up?

All others, proceed… This is it, Dexter fans. Our favorite serial killer has slapped his last mosquito, squeezed his ultimate blood orange and flossed one final time. So Dexter fakes a bomb with items he buys at a concourse magazine stand, then frames Elway as the threat. The boarding area is now closed because of the threat.

For example, the manhunt that would inevitably happen for Harrison and Hannah, or the fallout from Dexter taking Deb from the hospital, etc. All of those beats were fully discussed.

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Hannah McKay

Here, the EP — who has worked on the Showtime saga since the very beginning — details the decision to let Dexter live, explains why the ending fans saw was the only one on the table pun intended , breaks down the significance of that haunting final shot and much, much more. Going into exile away from everything that he knows and has become attached [to] in his whole infrastructure is a more fitting punishment for what his journey toward being a human being has cost everyone around him. If the central idea from the pilot on was: Deb, who was his touchstone and soulmate, died — and this was the only fitting punishment.

He banishes himself, if you will, into exile.

Oct 20,  · Hannah McKay really loves geeks.:D (She likes Chuck “Charles Carmichael” Bartowski and Dexter Morgan.).

Dexter — “Are We There Yet? I’m betting he gets caught trying to aide Hannah in fleeing the country or something. Originally Posted by mickey65 Post It’ll be a cliff-hanger since Showtime won’t be showing episode 9 until the weekend after Labor Day. I think you may have it mixed up. Labor Day is in two weeks.

Episode 9 is still scheduled for next week. Originally Posted by Neil M. Post I think you may have it mixed up. I know they are skipping a weekend tho! I’ve been asking that question about the end of the series most of the season. Yep, because we all know it’s the cool thing to do online to go around bashing the series yet continue to watch it.

‘Dexter’ Season 8 Details: Hannah Returns to ‘Shake Things Up’

Seuss book out loud is really fucking hard. Right in the center is the same photo that lives on my desk; a younger version of me and Deb, back when things were different and we were new to Miami Metro. Does Hannah fit into my family somewhere? I place the keys on the table as Deb turns around to re-enter the living room.

Dexter’s love for Hannah, I believe, has a lot to do with the fact that it’s the girl who loves him and accepts him for who he is. Every lone wolf has a companion out there somewhere, and it took me a very long time to understand those feelings.

Arno to donate an old computer to the college. Arno is the secret head of a large illegal gambling ring, which used the computer for its operations. During the tournament, a trigger word causes Dexter to unknowingly recite on television details of Arno’s gambling ring. Arno’s home is being painted, and in the rescue effort, Riley’s friends put paint in the gas tanks of the henchmen’s cars, causing them not to start, and following a brief chase in his own car, Arno ends up in a pile of hay. Arno and his henchmen are arrested when they attempt to escape the TV studio and crash head-on into a police car.

Arno, a recently released prisoner, who had also purchased Medfield’s mortgage. Just then, Higgins brings Arno to visit the lab, stunning the students, as only two years earlier, Dexter was instrumental in exposing Arno’s crooked gambling scheme. Although distracted by the condition of their partially visible hands, Dexter and the others notice that Arno is more concerned with the campus architecture than Higgins’ curriculum speech.

After Arno and Higgins depart, Dexter and Schuyler try washing their hands to remove the formula. Curious about Arno’s behavior, Dexter convinces Schuyler to use the invisibility formula to sneak into Arno’s office that night to look around. Although they are nearly discovered when Schuyler steps into a puddle, making his tennis shoes visible, the boys get inside Arno’s office where they find a model of Medfield College redesigned as sprawling gambling establishment.

Debra Morgan

Dumped at sea with Dexter Cause Her father was a cold-hearted and self-serving individual who threw Hannah into ocean water, which nearly resulted in her drowning. After she met Wayne Randall at the age of 15, she agreed to go with him on a 3-state killing spree. However, this could have been coercion on behalf of Wayne. It was never truly confirmed. Hannah is known to kill mostly out of self-preservation, rather than psychopathic need.

Dexter leaves Harrison with Hannah, who herself is a serial killer. Why? He doesn’t judge Hannah the same way that we do because he understands what it means to kill.

Program Melmac1 – Holodeck 3 It’s sad. Went it first came out this was the best thing to watch on television. Every one was watching Dexter in the first couple of seasons. Could the writers not figure out how to pull off a big reveal? Would it have been too difficult or off-putting to have Dex on the run from MMPD ditch the usual formula, etc.

I will certainly wait and see but I can’t figure that any of this is turning out the way we’d hoped. I remember an interview with David Chase shortly after The Sopranos ended. Although very polarizing at the time I came to appreciate how that series ended. But there was a quotation from him that surprised me how strongly he felt that fans of his anti hero wanted him dead:

Breaking Bad or Dexter?

Is Dexter a psychopath that is just simply following a code or a Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds that is just trying to end his suffering after he saw his mother being killed when he was a child? Did Harry believe that he was saving a child with psychotic tendencies and possible future murder victims by making sure Dexter only went after criminals and acted professionally, or was he just a bitter cop who used a traumatized child to further his own vendetta?

A good amount of focus is put on his wealth, power, and tight security measures, but in the end, Chase abandons all that and confronts Dexter and Lumen by himself at an isolated location.

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