Stock markets are also up. Nine billionaires are back on the list: We also found two new billionaires: Mohammed Serafi, a low-key Saudi investor with significant stakes in real estate development companies in the kingdom and Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani of Qatar. The aggregate net worth of the richest Arabs climbed by Saudi Arabia counts the most billionaires; they are also the richest:

Gina Rinehart loses top spot in Forbes Australia’s rich list

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According to Guinness World Records, this temple replaced the Tirupati Temple also in India as the richest Hindu temple in the world in This is due to the fact that secret cellars discovered at the temple were found to contain a vast treasure of gold, silver and precious stones. The principal deity worshiped at this temple is Vishnu. These temples are mentioned by the Hindu Azhvars saints between the 6th and 9th centuries AD as the holiest abodes of Vishnu. Therefore, the Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple has been occupying an important place in the Hindu religion for a very long time.

When the sage requested the child to stay with him, he agreed to do so on the condition that he would be treated with respect. If the sage failed to do so, however, he the child would vanish immediately. The god decided to be a nuisance, but Divakara tolerated his antics. Finally, however, the sage could no longer take it, and scolded the child. Vishnu ran away and disappeared.

Before disappearing, Vishnu told the sage that should he wish to see him again, he would find him in Ananthankaadu. Stricken by remorse, he followed the route he believed the child had taken. Foregoing food and rest in the process, the sage arrived in a wooded area near the sea coast after a few days. The tree fell onto the ground and assumed the form of Vishnu reclining on the celestial snake Ananta.

Bill Gates

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Stephanie Merrick Follow stelisew January 15, 4: CRP compiled a list of the 10 richest members of Congress using personal finance disclosure information, the latest available. These wealthy Democrats are not afraid to use their big bucks and high-powered connections to get ahead. Here are the seven Democrats in the top 10 list: Warner used his political connections to make his millions, according to the Almanac of American Politics.

Warner worked as a fundraiser at the Democratic National Convention after graduating from law school. While there, he made some crucial connections that would allow him to become a successful venture capitalist. Warner served as chairman of the Virginia Democratic Party from He was elected governor of Virginia in Polis made his fortune as an entrepreneur, launching popular sites such as electronic greeting card site bluemountainarts.

The retired florist Polis still hands out business cards with that title came to Washington in and is currently serving his third term. Polis criticized the Citizens United case on the House floor in , saying corporations are using their money to “confuse and trick people” with “massive and misleading public relations attacks. Delaney founded Healthcare Financial Partners, a company that offered financing to healthcare providers, in and served as the company’s CEO until when he founded a new company, CapitalSource, another commercial lender for small and middle-market companies.

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He is more active than his brother and operating the chemical wing of Koch Industries from his home. He is also 75 years old. He is also the citizen of United States. Charles Koch has again tied with his brother David Koch. Michael Bloomberg organized his financial-data company in following a profitable profession at investment bank Salomon Brothers, which he met in after pursuing his MBA at Harvard Business School.

He departed the corporation to run New York City as mayor in and completed three terms.

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Share this article Share Led by patriarch Prince Hans-Adam II, nearly all of the family’s wealth comes from banking, although the royal clan also has significant land holdings and a vast art collection. Much of the day-to-day running of the fund is handled by Hans-Adam’s younger brother Prince Philipp and second son Maxmillian, which frees him up to concentrate on Lichtenstein itself.

Most of the family fortune comes from LGT, a privately owned asset management and banking group The year-old royal has led the world’s wealthiest country since when his father Franz Joseph II abdicated but is not funded by the Lichtenstein taxpayer – leading him to joke that he has to work hard in the morning to be able to afford to reign in the afternoon. Hans-Adam is married to Countess Marie Kinsky von Wchinitz und Tettau with whom he has five children – some of whom are now employed in the family business.

As with the British royals, the four main royal palaces and the crown jewels are the property of the Netherlands but the Dutch royals also own four further homes, including a villa in Tuscany. Now only used for ceremonial functions, the Spanish royals live in the more modest but still enormous Zarzuela Palace on the outskirts of Madrid. First to occupy the palace was Charles III who moved in in and kept it as his main residence for much of his reign.

The Spanish royals cost four times less than their Dutch counterparts Consolation prize: The Palacio Real is the largest residence but the Spanish royals live at the Zarzuela Palace instead The palace was inhabited by the royal family until and the rise of General Franco. Married to Maud of Wales, the daughter of Edward VII, the current Norwegian royals are descended from him and use the same seven palaces signed over to him. In total, the Swedish royal family, which also includes Crown Princess Victoria, 37, her husband and former personal trainer Daniel Westling and their two-year-old daughter Estelle, have the use of 11 palaces dotted around Sweden.

Along with the vast Palais Princier in the centre of Monaco, Albert is thought to own as much as a fourth of the land in his own country, as well as several French estates.

Top 10 Richest YouTubers In The World

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The list of top 10 richest ladies in one of the world’s leading economies remains identical as in , and mentions names that can also be found on international fortune compilations that combine both genders.

Andy And where is Dr Paul Yongi Cho — biggest church in the world nearly 1 million members with nearly half of his members millionaires? Where is Brian Houston of Hillsong? This is a fake list. Who gave them those figures? Here is the list of the top five richest Nigerian pastors, from the highest authority in these matters ; http: Andy And Forbes is supposed to have some infallible revelation from above?

But you attacked the veracity of its contents, imploring people not to believe this article.

The Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple: Secret Cellars Create the Richest Hindu Temple in India

Print Drama, serials, stories and movies are loved by all but the main behind this one who writes it. Behind all this an artistic mind is hidden which only remains at backstage and love the appreciation given to their work. They are silent heroes of every heart throbbing stories and movies we have ever liked or loved. Strong mind and peaceful soul can depict a complete look to world. Writers and Authors present all their imagination in front of you and allow you to appreciate their perceptions, thoughts and beliefs.

Literature is best nourishment for mind to seek ideas and explore thoughts day by day.

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Ten best places to live in the UK: Surrey has been ranked the fifth best place to live in the UK. Gloucestershire was ranked the seventh best place to live in the UK. Northumberland was ranked the eighth best place to live in the UK. Oxfordshire has been ranked the tenth best place to live in the UK. Sollihull has been ranked the best place to live in the UK Solihull is officially the best place to live in the UK, at least according to a survey that found residents there enjoying higher incomes, better employment rates and longer life expectancies.

Meanwhile, the Quality of Life Index conducted by energy comparison site, Uswitch. Click here to view a gallery of the ten best places to live in the UK The study looked at 38 local areas and 24 different factors to determine where the ‘best’ place to live is. These factors included average salaries, disposable household income and the cost of essential goods, such as fuel, food and energy bills. It found that Solihull, located nine miles outside of Birmingham, was top for lifestyle factors such as working hours and life expectancy.

Mortality rates are low and life expectancy is notably high in this area, with men expected to live until 81 and women

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The Richest Man in History Read the article on one page When people think of the richest people in history, more often than not they think of industrialists from the modern era, such as the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, or the Carnegies. Perhaps some would also name current billionaires such as Bill Gates, Carlos Slim, or the many wealthy Arab sheiks. By the time he died around AD, he had amassed a fortune that is almost too large to fathom. In other words, none of the men most often associated with vast wealth come close to the net worth of this African King.

The Malian Empire was founded out of the remains of the Ghanaian Empire. In addition to incorporating many cities under his direct reign, most notably Timbuktu and Gao, Mansa Musa collected tribute from many others. While Europe was fighting to survive the demons of starvation, plague, and aristocratic warfare, African kingdoms were thriving. Artist Illustration of Mansa Musa. Should the king not return, his appointed deputy would take the throne. When none returned, everyone agreed that Musa I was the rightful emperor of Mali.

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